I chose the Dance poster. After initially looking at the information I figured out the following information:

  • It’s for Pittsburgh Dance Council’s 2021–2022 season.
  • There were 4 dance companies performing. It said the dance company name, the performance name, the date, and then the time.
  • It also mentions the location…

For Project 1 my group was Ricky, Tara, and Hannah and our group was assigned Rolling Stone Magazine. Ricky and Tara were assigned print, and Hannah and I were assigned web. Initially we began analyzing our assigned mediums. …

Tide Water Goby

The SF Bay has many natural ecosystems, but with lots of human influence from this urban environment many organisms are being threatened. One of organisms is the Tidewater Goby.

Here are my notes & sketches of the tidewater Goby:

Here are some pictures of the Tidewater Goby:

Olivia Luk

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